PUBG X Aston Martin


How we helped KRAFTON promote thEIR COLLABORATION WITH Aston Martin to existing fans.


Our task was to promote PUBG’s exciting partnership with Aston Martin, highlighting the availability of Aston Martin cars in the game. These sleek vehicles will not only enhance gameplay but also boost crafting pass participation. Our campaign aims to blend gaming and automotive excellence, engaging players and elevating the collaboration between PUBG and Aston Martin to new heights.


The game plan revolves around leveraging video content featuring Damon Hill and WackyJacky on YouTube and Twitter to maximize the reach and impact of our collaboration promotion. We initiated a captivating teaser video showcasing the Aston Martin cars in PUBG, generating buzz and curiosity among the gaming community.

Following this, a series of detailed videos were be released, with Damon Hill teaching WackyJacky how to drive a real life Aston Martin round Silverstone – providing expert insights and demonstrating the cars’ in-game capabilities.

To optimize engagement, we employed sequential video retargeting. This strategy involves strategically sequencing video content based on user interaction. After the initial teaser, viewers who show interest will be retargeted with deeper dives into the hero video.

Twitter Ads

PUBG Collaboration | Aston Martin Test Drive with WackyJacky101