Phantom Galaxies

How we helped Animoca Brands launch their flagship space shooter Phantom Galaxies on Steam.


Our team at Theorycraft Marketing undertook a pivotal mission: crafting and executing a robust paid media strategy for the early access launch of Phantom Galaxies on Steam. Our primary objective was to develop a focused approach aimed at maximizing impact and articulating the game’s innovative vision set forth by Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studio.



In launching Phantom Galaxies on early access through Steam, our strategy encompassed both influencer campaigns and paid media initiatives. We meticulously orchestrated a multi-faceted approach to maximize visibility and engagement within the gaming community.

For our influencer campaigns, we meticulously selected prominent figures within the gaming sphere whose audience aligns with the demographics and interests of Phantom Galaxies. These influencers were given early access to the game, allowing them to create authentic content that resonated with their followers. Through gameplay streams, reviews, and interactive sessions, they effectively generated buzz and anticipation surrounding the game’s release.

Simultaneously, our paid media campaigns were strategically crafted to target specific segments of the gaming community across various online platforms. Through targeted advertising on social media, gaming forums, and relevant websites, we aimed to capture the attention of potential players and drive traffic to the Phantom Galaxies Steam page. Our ads highlighted the unique features and immersive gameplay experiences offered by Phantom Galaxies, enticing users to explore further and participate in the early access launch.

By synergizing influencer collaborations with targeted paid media campaigns, we were able to amplify Phantom Galaxies’ presence in the gaming industry, effectively generating excitement and engagement among players leading up to the early access release on Steam.

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