Lightyear Frontier

How we helped Lightyear Frontier get to the top of the charts over Steam Next Fest.


Our team at Theorycraft Marketing was entrusted with the pivotal mission of crafting and executing a robust paid media strategy for the launch of the Lightyear Frontier demo during the Steam Next Fest. Our primary goal was to devise a focused approach aimed at amplifying impact and articulating the game’s innovative vision set forth by Amplifier Game Invest and Frame Break.




Our dynamic strategy for launching Lightyear Frontier demo relied on harnessing the power of TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook during the Steam Next Fest. By tapping into the vibrant TikTok community, engaging with Reddit’s diverse audiences, captivating users through immersive YouTube content, and reaching out to gamers on Facebook, we created a multifaceted approach to showcase the game’s excitement and innovation.

To measure our impact across these platforms, we implemented robust tracking mechanisms. Through meticulous analysis of user engagement and conversion metrics, we gained valuable insights to optimize our campaign strategies and maximize reach.

This comprehensive utilization of social media platforms resulted in heightened visibility, increased engagement, and a captivating introduction of Lightyear Frontier to the gaming community during the Steam Next Fest.

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