DC Dual Force

How we helped CCG Lab launch DC Dual Force on Steam.


Our team has been entrusted with the pivotal role of crafting and executing a comprehensive paid media plan, alongside developing creative content that aligns seamlessly with the project’s visionary goals. The brief from CCG Labs outlines a compelling vision for the project, emphasizing the need for a robust and targeted approach to paid media planning to maximize impact.


Our winning strategy for the DC Dual Force launch hinged on a dual approach: targeted paid media on Reddit and impactful Display advertising. By harnessing the diverse Reddit community and reaching a broader online audience through Display ads, we created a buzz around the game.

To measure success, we implemented Gamesight attribution and UTM tracking. This dynamic duo allowed us to analyze player acquisition, optimize towards conversions, and fine-tune our campaigns across various channels.

Additionally, we didn’t overlook the importance of Steam page optimization. Through meticulous store optimization, we enhanced the visibility and appeal of DC Dual Force on the Steam platform, ensuring a seamless user journey from discovery to conversion.

This integrated marketing and optimization approach resulted in elevated brand awareness, increased conversions, and a triumphant entry for DC Dual Force into the gaming market.

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DC Dual Force PC Open Beta is Here!