How we helped Sanlo increase lead generation in the gaming industry.



The team at Sanlo received large seed investment and wanted to boost their lead generation efforts using digital ads. Having just launched their services, their website was very fresh and they wanted to generate traffic whilst capturing quality leads to sign up to their platform. Sanlo offers businesses access to technology, tools and insights that will allow them to achieve smart and scalable growth while remaining financially healthy — even if they’re a smaller company without time to sit down and structure their finances. Then, when Sanlo’s proprietary algorithms determine the business could benefit from the smart deployment of capital, it will assist by offering financing.


We planed and executed a detailed lead generation campaign that covered multiple channels and touchpoints, whilst working with Sanlo team to optimise their lead flow on the website. We worked closely with the team to establish core audience segments and prioritise delivery to make the most of the budget. Using a combination of LinkedIn lead generation campaigns alongside conversion campaign so Google and Twitter we could optimise towards the right audiences driving the best quality, highly relevant traffic.

Twitter Ads