Safe In Our World

How we helped Safe In Our World increase sales for their Video Games Mental Health Journal.


Our team at Theorycraft Marketing embarked on a crucial endeavour: devising and implementing a comprehensive paid media strategy for the launch of the Safe In Our World mental health journal. Our main goal was to create a targeted approach aimed at maximizing awareness and conveying the journal’s innovative approach to mental health advocacy and support.


In promoting the Safe In Our World Mental Health Journal through Google ads, our strategy is focused and direct, leveraging the power of targeted online advertising to reach our desired audience effectively.

Our approach involves crafting compelling ad campaigns that resonate with individuals actively seeking mental health resources and support. Through strategic placement and messaging, we aim to capture the attention of users who are likely to benefit from the features and insights offered by the Safe In Our World Mental Health Journal.

By utilizing Google’s extensive network of platforms and tools, we can target specific demographics, interests, and search intent related to mental health and wellness. Through keyword targeting, display ads, and remarketing efforts, we ensure that our message reaches those who are actively seeking information and support in this area.

Our ads highlight the unique benefits and features of the Safe In Our World Mental Health Journal, emphasizing its potential to improve mental well-being and provide valuable tools for self-care and reflection. By providing a clear call-to-action and directing users to relevant landing pages, we strive to encourage engagement and conversion among our target audience.

Through our focused and data-driven approach to Google advertising, we aim to raise awareness of the Safe In Our World Mental Health Journal and make it accessible to individuals seeking support and resources for their mental health journey.