Earth From Another Sun

How we helped earth form another sun increase their user acquisition across paid media



We have been entrusted with the exciting mission of expanding the user base and nurturing an engaged early access community for the groundbreaking project, “Earth from Another Sun.” This innovative venture offers a unique and immersive experience that transcends boundaries, and our goal is to introduce it to the world. By focusing on user acquisition and community building, we aim to create a global network of passionate players who will help shape the future of this extraordinary journey.


Our game plan for “Earth from Another Sun” revolved around executing targeted display and social media ad campaigns, aiming to efficiently expand the user base globally while optimizing Return on Investment (ROI). To achieve this, we employed audience segmentation, tailoring ad content to specific demographics and interests. Moreover, we integrated tracking technology through the Xsolla payment system, enabling us to monitor and optimize campaign performance in real-time towards ROI based KPIs. This data-driven approach ensures that our marketing efforts yielded the highest ROI while steadily growing our user base and early access community.

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