Cake Bash


How we helped Coastsink launch their new adorable party game, Cake Bash.



Renowned kids game publisher Coatsink asked us to manage the pre launch and post launch campaigns of their cute new cupcake bashing game ‘Cake Bash’ for Steam, Stadia, Switch, Xbox and PS4 in the US market. A key aspect of the brief was to target ages 9-13 with display advertising, in a safe and compliant way.


We used specialized Ad Networks to reach the target 9-13 age group of ‘Cake Bash’ in a data compliant way. As well as a follow up performance campaign using GDN and PPC on the Google Ads. Segmenting audiences by platforms we could customise the messaging for each audience segment increasing performance. We integrated the pixel tracking on the Cake Bash website setting up events for each external store allowing us to optimise towards people that are more likely to click through and purchase.

The Results

We managed to drive cost per click down by 50% whilst gaining valuable traffic to each platform store site
Engaged the 9-13 age group successfully and increased click through rates amongst this group by 14%
Gained over 250k campaign engagements
Achieved over 200k completed video views
And also contributing to the massive success of the games growth

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